Friday, March 24, 2006

Schools to be kept away from radiation source

New York residents are fighting to keep cell phone towers away from their schools, fearing that the radiation emitted from them might pose a risk to their children's health.

On Wednesday, the New York State Senate Committee on Local Government approved a bill that would prohibit the building of cellular towers and antennas within 500 feet of schools throughout New York City. The bill is also being introduced within the State Assembly.

“There is a continued controversy over whether cellular towers pose health hazards from exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. Until there is some conclusive evidence that shows that there are no harmful effects related to this radiation, we cannot in our right mind allow for these towers to be placed near a school, emitting radiation into classrooms, lunchrooms and gymnasiums throughout New York City,” said Bay Ridge Senator Marty Golden, who sponsored the Senate bill, in a prepared statement.


Blogger WAN said...

This rather big and important story hasn't been getting much press, so we at Wireless Action Network of New Mexico are very pleased to see you helping to launch this issue into the blogosphere. Hopefully, it will get enough attention in the blogosphere that it will leap to the mainstream media, where the story is presently all but entirely invisible. So far as we know, only one smallish NYC paper has told this story. The rest of the nation isn't hearing it.

It can't hurt to pick up the phone and call media outlets in your area, or write....


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