Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Science, schmience, says the Huffington Post

I've been setting up my new Google Reader account (I know, I'm probably the last blogger on earth to set up an aggregator) and I was hoping to add Michael Shermer's blog from the Huffington Post to my list. But in trying to do so yesterday afternoon, I discovered that the Post doesn't allow you to choose specific bloggers for your feed; I was, however, happy to see that I could at least choose among a number of topics.

I browsed through these topics—which included "Paris Hilton," "Tom Cruise" and "Yellow Cake"— searching, of course, for "science." Alas, the list jumped from "Samuel Alito" to "scientology."

So...science isn't a worthy topic, but scientology is??


Blogger Paula Neal Mooney said...

Found you thru the 2000 bloggers project. And nope, you're not the last to set up your Google Reader stuff. I just joined gmail and Google Talk and still gotta find a microphone and set up my reader account!

Happy Google Reading,

9:40 AM  
Blogger Ed Reif said...

Hay Mel:

10:14 AM  

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