Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hydrogen's not the answer ran an interesting (and very understandable) article on Monday downplaying the idea of a hydrogen-based economy, based on the conclusions of the European Fuel Cell Forum's Ulf Bossel. As quoted in the article, Bossel says,
“More energy is needed to isolate hydrogen from natural compounds than can ever be recovered from its use...Therefore, making the new chemical energy carrier form natural gas would not make sense, as it would increase the gas consumption and the emission of CO2. Instead, the dwindling fossil fuel reserves must be replaced by energy from renewable sources.”
Hydrogen is a bad idea, Bossel says, because of the high cost and low efficiency associated with electrolysis (the process required to make hydrogen from water), transport, and storage. You can read more of Bossel's thoughts on the issue here. Bossel's solution? We need an electron economy, he says, in which energy is distributed by electricity using the shortest route possible. Because such a system would not be bogged down by energy conversions — like from physical to chemical and vice versa — it would be far more efficient than a hydrogen system, he says.

p.s. Sorry I've been AWOL for a while. I'm back now...and I'm a MASTER! Yes, I just finished my degree. Yay!


Blogger Roelieboelie said...

YAY, well done, Mel, congrats!!! Enjoy working even more full-time, haha!

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Blogger Ewen M Callaway said...

congratulations! where to next?

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